October Event

Filthy Riches!

How to make more money on a $5,000 house no one else wants than the average investor makes on a $100,000 house guaranteed!


What is Filthy Riches? Filthy Riches is a proven Method of buying Cheap $5000 houses that no one else wants then reselling them at 5 to 6 times what you paid!


What you will learn from Larry…

How to make up to $43,937.60 on a run down $5,000 house no one else wants!

Where to find cheap $5,000 houses no one else wants!

How to analyze any property in 2 seconds flat for a quick yes or no!

How to sell them at 5-6 times what you paid!

How to totally eliminate any competition when making offers!

How to buy properties at 25-35% of the listing price!

How to get more of your offers accepted!

The problems with traditional investing and how to totally eliminate them!

Why this is easier, faster and safer than wholesaling!

How to use eBay to create a buying frenzy and get more than you are asking!

The 2 biggest problems investors have and how to totally eliminate them!

Why most investors fail and how anyone can do the Filthy Riches system!

Why you do not need any money to do this!

How to get up to 119% returns on your money just like I do!

How I have made up to 788% returns and you can too!

How to create a monthly income of $7,590.12 for the next 10 years with only $5,000!

My exclusive secret to why this works so well!

Why most investors fail and why you cannot fail at this!

How to know exactly which properties to jump on and which to run away from!

How to buy houses by email only!

3 Absolute must have clauses in every offer! (it’s not what you think)

How to get the seller/realtor to do ALL of the work to sell your properties for FREE and love you!

How to sell a house, get paid and so does your buyer!

Who your buyers are and why they will fight to get you to sell them your houses!

Why and how you can do this from anywhere with zero risk!

How to get other people to do this for you without any previous real estate experience!

My exclusive 4-step quick start checklist that guarantees your success!

Why there are no more excuses for not making money in real estate!

How to finally stop buying courses and start buying houses!


Everyone gets a free Filthy Riches Property Analyzer just for attending this event. It is not a trial version; it is the full working version that we use in our office every day to make offers in 2 seconds flat! Just fill out the form below to register!