Alan Cowgill

Saturday Workshop Event

“Could You Use An Unlimited Supply Of Money


To Do All The Residential And Commercial Deals You Can Find?”




Come see Alan Cowgill on January 14th at the Huntsville Board Of Realtors.

Alan is holding a special class on January 14th to really dig into what he will be discussing at this month’s meeting. There is just no way he can cover everything in one of our monthly meetings! The Private Money sector is the fastest way to get deals done but also requires a guide to avoid the pitfalls. Let Alan be your guide and never have to worry about funding your deals again!

Alan will show you 5 crucial steps to success, so that you can find all the private money you need:

  • Build Credibility

  • Generate Leads

  • Secure Private Lenders

  • Buy/ Sell Property

  • Your Pay Day

You will see how to pre-screen your prospects and the “Magic” words to get them to commit.  You will also see scripts you should use when talking to people you know.

He will show you why these four commonly used types of financing can cripple your real estate business and how to stay away from them:

  • Bank

  • Line of credit

  • Hard money lender

  • Creative financing

Once you get away from these types of financing you will have unlimited funds to do all your deals.  You will be able to close on houses in a few days.  You can have contingency money in case something comes up that you need to repair.

And Alan will show you how to do deals with no monthly payments.

You make all the rules in this system, so don’t miss Alan show you how to find private lenders, so you can kiss your competitors goodbye.


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